Multi-stops via Africa
We've negotiated exclusive multi-stop fares via Africa with some great airlines that they are great value, offer loads of different routings, whilst giving fantastic stop-over options at very reasonable prices. All fares shown include pre-payable taxes and fuel surcharges and are priced for departing in low season (Generally April to June). We can also arrange departures from regional UK airports, Scotland, Ireland and from many other European cities. If you'd like a route that differs from the examples given, then just talk to one of our RTW experts!
Route examples
  • UK - Jo'burg - Nairobi - UK from £749
  • UK - Nairobi surface Dar Es Salaam - London from £575
  • UK - Nairobi surface Zanzibar - London from £595
  • UK - Nairobi surface Jo'burg - London from £675
  • UK - Livingstone surface Nairobi - UK from £697
  • UK - Johannesburg surface Cape Town from £795
  • UK - Jo'burg - Sydney - Auckland - Bangkok - UK from £1450
  • UK - New York - Lima - LA - Auckland - Australia (and get flights within Australia from £40 each) - Jo'burg - UK from £1799 including tax
  • UK - Lima surface Santiago - Auckland - Australia - Jo'burg - UK from £1899
  • London - Lima surface Santiago - Easter Island - Tahiti - Auckland - Sydney - Jo'burg - London fom £2950
  • UK - New York - Lima - LA - Auckland - Australia (and get flights within Australia from £40 each) - Johannesburg - UK from £1990
  • UK - Jo'burg - Bangkok - Australia - New Zealand - Cook Islands - USA - UK £1795
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What does ‘surface’ mean?
This means you will fly in and out of a different city or country. In other words you will travel between them by other means, perhaps by train, bus or boat more
What tax - is it V.A.T?
No it is not V.A.T. The tax is airport tax, money that the airport is charging you to use its facilities or government's charge for entering their country more