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Things are happening fast and changing but this is the latest from the FCO

This advice has been reviewed and reissued with amendments to the Summary and the Terrorism/Security and Local Travel sections (violence in Bangkok). The overall level of the advice has changed; we currently advise against all but essential travel to Bangkok; against all travel to some specific areas of Thailand and all but essential travel to other specific areas of Thailand.

Travel Summary

  • We advise against all but essential travel to the city of Bangkok, in light of ongoing political demonstrations and outbreaks of violence within the city. This advice does not apply to passengers transiting Bangkok airport on their way to other destinations in Thailand or internationally.

  • British Nationals should exercise extreme caution throughout the country, and avoid demonstrations and large gatherings, some of which have recently turned violent.

  • If violence breaks out again British nationals are advised to remain indoors and to monitor the media and this website. Suvarnabhumi airport is operating as normal. The route to the airport from Bangkok city remains open

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In summary for those in Bangkok - stay indoors - the temptation is to go and have a look about. is strong - resist that. Experience says a lot of people will head down to the islands in the south or to neighbouring countries such as Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam.  Airlines are still catching up on their schedules after the ash cloud crisis but they are working at full pelt to get people out. This advice does not affect Bangkok Airport,s but we advise keeping a close eye on our news pages and through the BBC here.

If anyone needs to reroute or date change their ticket please call or email us - obviously this a fluid fast changing situation but we are open till 7pm tonight . All our opening hours are here