How to haggle

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“’Eres a bloke wot don’t wanna haggle!”

Ten tips for travelling with cash

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Packing for your big RTW trip…? Lay out all your clothes and your money on the bed then, as the saying goes, take half the clothes and double the money. But then you have to look after your hard-earned road money – here are a few pointers that could save you having to come home early.

Travel’s false economies

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David Whitley looks at the ridiculous things we do to save money on the road – and realises that they often end up costing far more than the options we avoid.

What is the best way to haggle?

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When there’s no fixed price and you’ve got to negotiate, what’s the best way of going about it? David Whitley explains his own blundering haggling techniques.


For someone who has grown up in green and drizzly Britain, there are few things more intimidating than not knowing what the price of something is. The way it works is that you go into a shop, the price is there and you buy it for that price, yes?  Well, not everywhere it isn’t. This fixed price concept is very much a Western thing. And while we may think it’s the only sane thing to do, people elsewhere work on very different principles.

Why RTWs bought online can cost you up to £1000 more....

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The Real Skinny

Okay here's the real skinny. The big airline alliances now sell RTWs online. You can design an RTW for you. Plot it out. You can spend time working out the quirks. And working out the complex ticketing rules. Then you can work out how to max it out. How to get airmiles maybe. And for that you can pay up to £1000+ for that privilage. Alternatively you could call a specialist such as roundtheworldflights.com on 020 7704 5700.