Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) after you depart

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Can I change my flight dates? here
How much notice do I have to give to change my dates? here
How much luggage can I take? here
How do I change my dates once I leave the UK? here
Can I change my route once I leave the UK? here
Can I get a refund if my plans change or I cancel my trip? here

Defining a round the world (RTW) trip

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A  round the world flight or (RTW) is normally defined as one that travels over both the Eastern hemisphere (EH), and Atlantic/Pacific (AP). On a RTW itinerary you can include multiple stops, but as long as the primary rule—going via Asia/Africa (EH/AF) and over the Pacific (AP) - is met, you’ve done it, you’ve traveled around the world.

33 things to do before you take off (The long version)

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  1. Straight Away: Check your booking confirmation or itinerary for any discrepancies - it is essential that the first and family names you gave us (which appear on this Booking Confirmation or Itinerary) are exactly as they appear in each passengers passport. You must advise us immediately if this is not the case. There are many restrictions on changing names with airlines and where possible it is always at a cost.
  2. Start thinking about where you're going to stay. We've got exclusive deals on hotels, cars, campervans and tours around the world. In Australia New Zealand The Pacific Asia Latin America Middle East Africa USA or Canada. You can custom design your own eBrochure here by selecting only the pages you want to see. Just click on one of the thumbnails, browse our eBrochures online, and your chosen pages will then be emailed to you via our eBrochure service. And it's free.
  3. Please ensure that you have all the required travel documents for your entire journey i.e. a valid machine readable passport (with at least 6 months validity left & please note a new passport can take a minimum of 10 days to issue

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) before you depart

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Do flights have to actually go round the world? here
When is the cheapest time to go? here
If I don’t live in the UK can I still make a booking with you? here
What does the phase ‘surface’ mean? here
What is the tax that everyone keeps quoting - is it V.A.T? here
Is just another Internet start up? here
Why should I book with you? here
Are you ATOL and IATA bonded? here
How far ahead can I book?  here
Can I pre-book my first night's accommodation? here
Why do I need travel insurance? here
How much notice do I have to give to change my dates? here
Can I change destinations whilst I'm away? here
How much luggage can I take? here
What is the difference between a paper ticket and an e-ticket and what do I need to carry? here
When is the best time to start planning and purchasing my trip? here
Will I get a better price if I wait until the last minute? here
Can I make up my own itinerary? here
What Gear will I need? here

12 things to do before you take off

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Once you’ve booked your round the world flights, there are a few more things you need to sort out before you get on that first plane. And here’s a handy guide to the main ones.