Things I learnt while planning my round the world trip




It will be the trip of a lifetime, navigating yourself round the world, while experiencing different cultures, and tasting new cuisines.


Planning a round the world trip (RTW) can be time consuming, and with only a few weeks left until I depart on my own adventure, I wanted to share what I have learnt from my experience.


Research your trip


Researching your trip can save you a lot of time and money when you reach your chosen destination, but you should only read information from knowledgeable, trusted sources, because there is a lot of inaccurate content published on the internet.


Smart phone apps are brilliant for planning


Technology has advanced somewhat since the first mobile phone came on to the market over thirty years ago, and booking accommodation while on the road has huge benefits - obviously, providing you have access to free WiFi, or an affordable international SIM card with a decent data plan. 


For accommodation my favourite apps are and Airbnb. Tripit is a useful app for keeping track of your trip, and allows you to log flights, hotels, and restaurant reservations. The Trip Advisor apps are helpful for browsing reviews, and reading travel guides offline (if you download them).


Hotel cancellation policies


There is a likelihood that you will change your plans, and if this is your first time travelling for a significant period of time, you might be tempted to book your accommodation in advance – if you feel the need, book a hotel that does not have a strict cancellation policy. Make sure that you can cancel the hotel up to a few days before you arrive; this gives you the comfort and flexibility to change your mind.


When booking any part of your trip, make sure you have read through the booking terms and conditions and look for any hidden charges – I discovered one hotel that had a ludicrous charge for paying by credit card, and many hotels in SE Asia only accept cash.







ATM charges


If are a UK resident, think about opening up an account at the Norwich and Peterborough Building Society because they do not charge for transactions abroad, both withdrawing cash at ATM’s and when using your debit card in shops, restaurants, etc. 


Bear in mind though that in some countries, the banks add on a hefty ATM fee – in Thailand: banks charge foreign card users 180BHT per transaction, that’s nearly £3.50!


Do you have any tips from lessons you’ve learnt while planning your RTW trip?   I hope this helps you plan your round the world trip – it’ll be an adventure, so make sure you enjoy every moment, and remember, what you’re creating are memories that will last a lifetime.


by Darren Cronian



Disclosure: Darren is travelling on a Navigator round the world ticket which is valid for 12 months and is date changeable free of charge. His RTW consultant is Stuart, the handsome one.