Non-apps to take

We do think you have to think long and hard about the value of the objects you take on your RTW. Bearing in mind most insurance policies have a maximum value associated to any one item of around the £250-£300 mark plus an excess of £50-£100 you should certainly consider what not to take. Below is a list we curated of Ten non-apps that smart people might take on their RTW.

A Pen and Notepad
When the US went to the moon they spent millions developing a pen. The Russians took a pencil. It's in the spirit of this logic that I'd recommend a notepad and writing implement. You can jot notes, make bon mots to yourself, develop your writing style (please do this) in private, no-one will want to nick it and it lasts forever. And you don't need to search out wifi for it. It's a winner - plus you may look clever and important when you're sitting in that non-wifi restaurant all by yourself.

A thin Fanny Pack
Victorianox do a great money wallet that kind of doubles up as a cummerbund/corset. It'll also keep your passport and cash safe-ish in train stations. But don't overload it, and keep a wallet in your pocket in case you do get mugged or pick-pocketed.

A Swiss Army Knife
Get one with a corkscrew. There is little less useless in life than a Swiss army knife without a corkscrew.

In the words of Mark Eveleigh here "A pack of spices or a bottle of Tabasco. A good lightweight way to make otherwise boring bush meals far more edible"

Disposable camera
Out on the lash and don't want to lose your expensive camera? Wouldn't mind a photographic record keeper that would slip into your pocket? Get a cheapo disposable (with a flash). £8.99 in Boots this month. Trust me it's a winner.

Not quite so smart Smart Phone
If the August 2011 London riots showed one thing it's the popularity of the Pay As You Go Blackberry. Well if it was me that's exactly what I'd take on a RTW, buying data-card and SIM cards as needed. They start from £150 new on Amazon but you can get them a lot cheaper on ebay.

Smart phone
It's a debate but if you think that the cheapest decent smart phone contracts start at around £30 a month then you've gotta really want it. £400 goes a long way in India....But in an emergency, your old iphone stuck at the bottom of your pack makes sense.

Cheap MP3 player
Well you can get a nano for about £35 these days. That's with a 15 hour battery life and a few hundred tunes. That'll cover just about every long haul flight you'll take on your RTW. Plus if you lose it to get it stolen it doesn't really matter. David Whitley is spot on on Electronics here

Small digital camera
Controversial this but I like a camera that fits on my belt or in my pocket. I realise this doesn't make me a proper photographer, but I'm also aware not having all the gear means I'm not a slave to having to take a great snap everywhere. However if you are on a safari or you really love photography then invest in a good camera (and bag). For more RTW photography tips see here

Squash ball
For three reasons really: A surrogate plug; for example there is no plug on the Trans-Siberian. Moreover a yellow ball is good for building up muscles on a long journey. Plus you can recreate the Steve McQueen scene when he's in the Cooler in "The Great Escape" with a good squash ball - good fun when you're waiting for that midnight plane or train.


by Stuart from