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What makes a good tour guide?

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David Whitley reckons there’s more to being a good guide than getting people to follow an umbrella...


The McDonalds Threshold: When eating local wears you down

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When you hit the wall with a region’s traditional cuisine, a quick junk food fix doesn’t half sound tempting, David Whitley confesses


How to get revenge on noisy neighbours

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If you’ve got to be up early, and the people in the room next door are having a highly inconsiderate private party, what’s the best way of getting revenge? It comes with the territory. Spend enough time in hostels or hotels, and eventually you’ll end up in a room next to someone you want to strangle. Noisy neighbours, alas, aren’t just confined to the real world.


Ten things that will annoy you in Australia

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If you’re going to Australia, it pays to be pre-warned about the country’s idiosyncrasies – so here’s what to brace yourself for.Australia is a great country, but that doesn’t mean to say everything about it is perfect. Though Australian culture may be similar to British or Irish culture in many ways, there are still a few differences that you only really start noticing once you’re over there. Some will charm – such as the willingness of people to give directions or the wonders of drive-through booze shops – but others will irritate. And, in no particular order, here are ten of the things that are almost certain to get on your wick.


What makes a good hostel?

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For many travellers embarking on a round the world trip, budgetary requirements mean that spending every night in a luxury hotel is simply not an option. Keeping the costs down means that hostels are often the prime option – but quality varies greatly.