Gap Year reason



There's loads of reasons not to do something. To actually create, do or build something is hard. A lot of the people I like and admire have done a trip or lived abroad in some part of their lives. You know you can spend £3000 on a camera of massive big LCD TV...or you can take off on a Gap Year round the world. As you sit in your rocking horse at the age of 97, probably dribbling, I wonder what you're going to remember most... 


Australia is big. No, I'm wrong, it’s not, it’s fucking enormous. They do average things well. The light is weird. And the suburbs...


Food. People. Beaches. Hills. Scary animals. If you only ever visit one country make it India.


Ever seen a Condor soaring up Colca Canyon. It's like witnessing a dinosaur. See Chan Chan too. Plus the Inca Trial



New Zealand

Sheep. Hills. Hobbits. Nah try the wine or speeding across Marlborough Sounds in the world’s cutest boat. Or real live adrenalin sports.


It will make you more attractive to the opposite/same sex sometimes at the same time*. Prince William went on a Gap Year. We are unsure about Katie Price. *No guarantees




Double Dip-tastic. Take the pay-off and go. You can live away from home for a long time on 3 months salary. 6 months you're laughing* 

*Especially if you're a banker




Stay longer in countries pegged to the US dollar ie South America, North America, Central America, most of Indochina. Your pounds will last longer.



Meet farangs

Have you ever actually met a Kiwi? Or a Thai? Got drunk with an American? Shared a flattie with an Aussie? It's okay they don’t bite*. Time to intermingle 


Je ne regrette rien

This won't be news to most of you but you're going to die. The only issue is what you're going to do before you go. Want to actually do something good before you go? Take an RTW. You know you want to.


Think you know what pineapple and satay taste like?  Until you've slurped some out of a bag on a sunny beach or nibbled one at 11pm on the street; you don't really. Read this by Jodi at Legal Nomads. It's great



Street temperature

Just as some girls are bigger than others, some places are hotter than others. The wall of heat coming off a plane can be daunting yet comforting. Alas you'll never know unless you go...


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