Bypassing Casinos in Macau

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“Oh it’s terrible there,” mumbled an English expat I came across in Hong Kong. “It’s just so ugly.”

Making coconut oil in a Balinese home

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It was hardly a tough afternoon’s work, and coming away with two bottles of coconut oil seemed like a generous reward for doing little more than sitting in the sun. But what was offered as a coconut oil making workshop turned out to be just as much about an intimate look at Balinese family life.

Japan: Convenience and Replica

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On a recent visit to Japan I toured temples and shrines in Kyoto, visited temple complexes in the chilly mountain stillness of Koyasan, a centre of esoteric Buddhism, and soaked in mineral baths and ate delicious and strange things at a village onsen in Wakayama prefecture. Most of these experiences were unfamiliar. Each activity was truly unto itself; at no point could I have been anywhere but Japan.

Avoid temple fatigue in Siem Reap

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There’s no denying the principle reason for visiting Siem Reap. The thriving centre of the Khmer Empire for 600 years, its Angkorian temples are so beguiling that many people add three days to a Thailand or Vietnam itinerary, popping in and out of Cambodia to see them and nothing else.

Wild Bali with Kids

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Travelling for six weeks with my nine-year-old daughter Lucia re-opened my eyes to much of the magic of Asia. I wanted her to enjoy experiences that would open a new world to her: a world that is infinitely removed from her home in provincial Pamplona. With this in mind we set out on a month-long adventure to explore the best animal adventures that Bali has to offer.