Latin America

On the Old Patagonian Express

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The locomotive slowly backs up to the slatted rail carriages. Gleaming like an unused stainless steel oven, it reflects the strong Andean morning sun back at our cameras. Suddenly, it whistles and releases a cloud of white steam that freezes instantly and forms tiny droplets that fog my sunglasses. Everyone cheers. The crowd assembled at Esquel train station is in a party mood. We have already fallen in love with La Trochita, as the locals call the Old Patagonian Express, and we haven’t even started our trip.

In Evita’s Footsteps

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Not many of us know the name of the wife of a foreign head of state, unless he happens to be the President of the United States. But even then, Andrew Lloyd Webber never wrote a musical about Hilary Clinton or Michele Obama and Madonna never portrayed them on film. After such exposure, it’s inevitable that Evita Perón has become the pop face of Argentina.

A Cycling Tour Of Buenos Aires

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I enter the offices of Urban Bikers in Buenos Aires rather apprehensively. It’s a stifling, humid summer afternoon and I’m about to go on a three-hour city tour by bike wending my way through the most chaotic traffic in Latin America. Eat your heart out cage shark divers! Who’s flirting with real danger now?

Crater Santiago

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In Nicaragua, David Whitley heads up to the edge of a volcano crater and learns of the terror it has caused over the years

Antarctica 101

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Antarctica is our early-warning system. The coldest, driest, windiest place on the planet is where we can most tangibly track and understand how global climate is changing. The Antarctic Peninsula, a curving chain of mountains that extend south of the Andes, is just about the fastest-warming place on Earth, seeing temperature rises of up to 3C over the last fifty-odd years.