New Zealand

The Mangatoa Road: The secret drive through New Zealand’s wild west

User Rating:  / 18

David Whitley ignores his SatNav to head down a back road that contains all that is good about the west of the North Island

Indoor Wellington: What to do on rainy, windy days

User Rating:  / 5


David Whitley looks at how to stay warm and have a great time in the NZ’s capital

New Zealand’s hidden volcano

User Rating:  / 5

David Whitley discovers that the usually placid waters of Lake Taupo are not what they seem

Is it worth doing the Tongariro Crossing?

User Rating:  / 2

After conflicting reports, David Whitley takes on the Tongariro Crossing (well, half of it) on New Zealand’s North Island.

Kart attack: A day at the races in Rotorua

User Rating:  / 4

On the Southern Hemisphere’s longest kart racing track, David Whitley realises he’s neither the skill nor the will to win