New Zealand

The Stewart Island ferry: New Zealand’s greatest stomach test

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Proud of his ability to withhold sea-sickness, David Whitley took on his greatest challenge – the ferry across the Foveaux Strait

One castle, and a lot of controversy

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Just outside Dunedin, on New Zealand’s South Island, is one man’s dream castle. But that dream turned into a nightmare, as David Whitley finds out

A journey into the dark

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On New Zealand’s South Island, David Whitley joins the hunt for planets in distant solar systems

Down below, the lights from the village of Lake Tekapo shine up towards the heavens. Or, rather more importantly, they don’t. They shine down towards the ground. Special lighting has been installed and covered so that it is focused downwards. In these parts, they want to keep as much human-produced light out of the sky as possible.

Bored of the Rings?

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On a movie locations tour in New Zealand, David Whitley realises that the Lord of the Rings scenes aren’t the prime attractions

The Mangatoa Road: The secret drive through New Zealand’s wild west

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David Whitley ignores his SatNav to head down a back road that contains all that is good about the west of the North Island