North America

Walking Honolulu

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Honolulu may be the capital of a tropical paradise, but everyone needs a break from palm-shaded sun-kissed sand and surf from time to time (no, really). The solution? Take a walking tour. Here are three options to get you out and about, sampling the food, architecture and history of a unique Pacific city.

Choose your Own Adventure in New York City

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There's so much to do and catch up on in NYC that I'm in my hotel room barely long enough to catch a wink of sleep, so my choice of accommodation is based on three factors - cost, location and free wifi.

The baddest town in the West

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David Whitley undertakes a gruesome graveyard trawl in Tombstone

In praise of the back roads

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David Whitley goes the long way round in New Mexico, and is very glad that he did so

Earthships of the desert

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In New Mexico, David Whitley goes to have a laugh at some weird hippy houses – but comes away with a less cynical view