North America

Preserving the past, American style

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In Virginia, David Whitley visits Colonial Williamsburg expecting hokey awfulness, and is forced to eat his words

The boat people of Florida

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In the Florida Keys, David Whitley learns about the people willing to make a desperately risky voyage to escape Cuba

Yacht or not? Fort Lauderdale’s envy cruise

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In southern Florida, David Whitley cruises the waterways to discover just how much cash some people have to throw around

Ride ‘em cowboy – a night at the rodeo

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In red-blooded, red-voting and possibly redneck Utah, David Whitley learns that you have to start riding early

This Is The Place: Where the Mormon State began

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In Utah, David Whitley finds the place where the Latter Day Saints settled – and the walled-off square that acts as the Mormon Vatican