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South Dakota Road Trip: West River and Wyoming’s Devils Tower

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The Badlands are the most physically dramatic spot in South Dakota if not all the Plains states, so far from other major national parks and major transport centers – 635 km from Denver, 800 km from Minneapolis – that they escape most international itineraries – and most domestic itineraries, for that matter. In 2012 around 830,000 people visited the park, a number that pales in comparison to visitor tallies enjoyed by the Great Smoky Mountains (9.69 million) and the Grand Canyon (4.42 million).

South Dakota Road Trip: Minneapolis to the Badlands

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A college friend from South Dakota occasionally made sweeping pronouncements. Many of these were quite abstract and marijuana-enabled – he was a physicist and a hippie – but every now and then he came up with a sharp social observation. The Dakotas had been divided incorrectly, he told me; instead of a North and a South Dakota, there should be a West and East Dakota. In terms of economic activity and general temperament, his argument went, this arrangement would suit the region better.

Los Alamos: The town that made the atom bomb

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In the middle of New Mexico, David Whitley discovers the secrets of the hilltop town that created the most fearsome monster ever used

Roswell: Why the flying saucers never returned

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David Whitley heads to Roswell in New Mexico – site of the most infamous ‘alien landing’ – to find that the truth is much darker than he initially imagined

Walking Honolulu

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Honolulu may be the capital of a tropical paradise, but everyone needs a break from palm-shaded sun-kissed sand and surf from time to time (no, really). The solution? Take a walking tour. Here are three options to get you out and about, sampling the food, architecture and history of a unique Pacific city.