North America

The boat people of Florida

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In the Florida Keys, David Whitley learns about the people willing to make a desperately risky voyage to escape Cuba

Yacht or not? Fort Lauderdale’s envy cruise

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In southern Florida, David Whitley cruises the waterways to discover just how much cash some people have to throw around

Ride ‘em cowboy – a night at the rodeo

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In red-blooded, red-voting and possibly redneck Utah, David Whitley learns that you have to start riding early

This Is The Place: Where the Mormon State began

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In Utah, David Whitley finds the place where the Latter Day Saints settled – and the walled-off square that acts as the Mormon Vatican

A journey through the last part of the map

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In southern Utah, David Whitley finds himself in the final part of the US to be explored

It looks like a place to die. Not just for men, but for cattle, coyotes, snakes and vultures too. Staring across the landscape, ever more desolate valleys have been cut from valleys, and mesas have been topped with ever more intimidating mesas. It’s bleak, and sun-scorched, the colours in the rock layers covering a spectrum from ashen grey to furious red.