Which Pacific Island to pick?

User Rating:  / 176 takes a look at the options for Pacific stopovers, and tries to help you decide which one is right for you

Rarotonga’s retreat: Hiding out at Trader Jack’s

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David Whitley finds that it’s the rain, not the sun, that sets the slow pace of life in the Cook Islands.

They never tell you about the rain. It’s all about the beaches, the lagoons and the coconut palms. But the rain is the secret part of the package that makes the tropical islands of the South Pacific so green. And it’s not the feeble drizzly rain that we grumble about in Britain. It’s proper rain, the sky’s powerful toilet flush, that comes down in walls and turns streets into streams within seconds.

Palau travel guide: Why go, what to do and where to stay

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David Whitley reckons Palau is a brilliant spot to include on an RTW trip – and he’s generously sharing his tips on tours, dive and snorkel trips and accommodation

Guam and the secret bus

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The wall of jellyfish: Snorkelling with a twist

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David Whitley tries to fight back his instinctive fears of being stung to death as he swims through a lake full of jellyfish in Palau