Aviator App in Brazil

The exhilarating Aviator game has taken over the hearts of millions. Many Brazilian players have already boasted on social media, having won their bets thousands of times on this thrilling game.

But what can make this new entertainment even better is the luxury of enjoying it on the go, whenever you want. That’s why today, we will discuss what an Aviator app is, where, and how to use it.
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About the Aviator App

The Aviator game was created in 2019 by Spribe Gaming, a fantastic developer on the rise in the last few years. Understanding the importance of mobile casino gaming, they have made their hit-game compatible with desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.

The only Aviator betting game app you will use is from the Brazilian online casino sites where you will try out your luck. But that might still come with some challenges, so let’s check out how the Aviator app download process goes underway the easiest.

APK File Size3-20MB
Application Full Size20-200MB
Aviator Demo ModeYes
Mobile PromotionsYes
Operating System Android, iOS
Supported Devices (Android) Google Pixel 3; Oneplus 7; Huawei P30; Huawei Mate 20; Oppo Reno; Redmi Note 7; Redmi Note 8; Redmi Note 9; Samsung Galaxy M31; Samsung Galaxy M41; Samsung Galaxy M51; Samsung Galaxy A10; Samsung Galaxy A20; Samsung Galaxy A30; Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and others
Supported Devices (iPhone) iPhone 5/5s; iPhone 6; iPhone 7; iPad Air 2; iPad Mini; iPhone XR; iPhone SE; iPhone X; iPhone 8; iPhone 12; iPhone 13 and others.

How to Download the APK File for Android?

Once you download the Aviator app Android, you will see it’s easier than you thought. To learn how to use the Aviator app, you must follow only a few simple steps. For our explanation, we will use one of the best gambling platforms in Brazil – Pin-up Casino, and our unique website that will simplify the whole process for you even more.

Tool: Mobile Phone or Tablet
Software: Aviator App
Time: 2 min
  1. Go to the landing page of Pin-up casino

    As mentioned, you would have to use the mobile app of a gambling platform with the Aviator game in its portfolio. For that purpose, we chose Pin-up Casino, considering its excellent online reputation and user-friendly platform.
    pin up app
  2. Find and download the Pin Up Aviator app on our platform

    To download the particular mobile app of the online casino you want, you should simply browse through the sections of our website. Then find the one where we have added the necessary link, from which you can download the Android app APK file effortlessly.
    aviator apk app download-step2
  3. Accept to install applications from third-party sources

    Once you download the APK file, you will probably receive a warning that questions whether you accept installing apps from third-party sources. You should obviously agree, but if this message doesn’t show for some reason, you have to go to your Menu-Settings-Security and click on “Unknown Sources”.
    aviator apk app download-step3
  4. Install the downloaded setup file.

    After you go through the warning, click “install”, and the process will begin automatically.
    aviator apk app download-step4
  5. Enjoy the Aviator game app

    The only thing left is to open the casino app, find the Aviator game, and enjoy the most thrilling gambling adventure on the go!
    aviator apk app download-step5

Now you can enjoy the Aviator game app. The only thing left is to open the casino app, find the Aviator game, and enjoy the most thrilling gambling adventure in Brazil on the go!

How to Download the Aviator App for iOS?

As mentioned, there isn’t a dedicated Spribe Aviator app you can get. This makes the process more challenging for lovers of gadgets with the iOS operating system. These devices differ from those with Android, and you can’t install apps from unidentified sources.

The typical way to get the Aviator app of casinos like 1Win or Pin-up is to enter an in-depth search process online, trying to uncover their mobile applications. However, this will take some effort and time. Luckily, our team is here to fix this issue for you.

We have already found the mobile apps of these casino sites for Brazil, and we freely share them on our platform. So, to download the mobile apps of platforms like Pin-up Casino or 1Win, here’s how the process looks in a few simple steps. 

  1. Determine if you want to play at Pin-up Casino or 1Win.
  2. Search for the section of the particular casino on our site.
  3. Check out the information and click on the download link we provide.
  4. After the successful installation, launch the Aviator app from your home screen and join the fun!

After completing the stages, you can enter the game, place the first bet, and start playing.

Aviator Game App Top Features

Aside from the monstrous potential winnings and the straightforward algorithm, what makes the Aviator game popular among Brazilian players? Well, that’s what will be uncovered in the following lines, so stick around to find out.

Simultaneous Bets

Multi-way bets aren’t rare in the Brazilian gambling industry, but this is a fantastic feature for the Aviator game. Because of this betting panel, you can implement numerous strategies, minimize risk, or even increase your winning odds by using two gaming approaches simultaneously! So, adjust your bet amount to your preferred strategy and begin winning today.

simultaneous bets

Detailed Statistics on Previous Rounds

You need just a click to check out the history of the multipliers that have dropped in previous rounds. Using this info, you can make your own conclusions about how this might affect your game to devise the correct strategy. Because of it, you don’t need to rely on cheap tricks like hacks or software predictor software that doesn’t even work.

statistics of the results of previous rounds

Automatic Play

Due to the exciting nature of the Aviator, it might be a hassle to continuously track your bets, trying to cash out at the highest possible multiplier. Well, with the autoplay feature, you can quickly get rid of this problem.

With this, you can select the number of rounds you want to play and place different cash-out orders that will trigger once your winnings reach a certain threshold. So, you can lay your feet up and start earning a profit passively.

auto play options in the aviator game

Best Apps for the Aviator Game

The only way to get your hands on an Aviator app is to play in an online casino with the game in its portfolio. Luckily, our team of experts has found some of the best online gambling platforms in Brazil where you can enjoy the Aviator to its full extent on the go.

1Win Aviator App

The 1Win mobile app is available for Android and iOS, providing Brazilian players with a fantastic gambling experience. The design on mobile is very modern and straightforward.

Some say that it’s even better than the one on PC. The short response time makes it different, allowing for rapid bets and cashouts, which is crucial when playing the Aviator.

But at 1Win Aviator, these aren’t even the most considerable advantages. What is most remarkable about the platform is that as a new player, you can claim a massive 500% welcome bonus of up to 4,350 BRL!


1win app mobile

Pin Up Aviator App

Despite not being as colorful and high-quality as the one at 1Win, the Pin Up app is excellent for trying out the Aviator from your smartphone. It is available for Android and iOS, which means more than 95% of Brazilian players. What makes it different is how light it is regarding the required specifications, and you can run it smoothly on any every modern phone device. On top of that, you can begin your Aviator on Pin Up endeavor with a 100-120% welcome bonus, offering you up to 1,200 BRL.

pin up app

1xBet Aviator App

As one of the most popular sites for casino and sports gambling in Brazil, 1xBet is definitely one of the excellent options you might seek regarding the mobile gaming of the Aviator game.

The 1xBet mobile app is available for Android and iOS, and it comes with one of the most straightforward designs you will come across. This will allow you to easily switch between different games, meaning you will have no issue combining the 1xBet Aviator with other exciting games while playing from your smartphone. Also, to ensure you have the best winning chance on the Aviator, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to acquire a significant balance by claiming the enormous joining offer of up to 9,500 BRL.

1xbet app

Mostbet Aviator App

Mostbet provides you with the best app for the Aviator in Brazil. It is available in the Android and iOS stores, and you can download it safely in just a few clicks. Furthermore, the app itself has an immersive design and easy navigation, so you can use it for long periods without feeling tired.

On top of that, you can join the platform today and enjoy dozens of promotional offers in the casino section, like the welcome bonus of 1,700 BRL, the 10% casino cashback, and much more.  With the help of all these generous offers, you can perfectly exploit the Mostbet Aviator rather easily.

mostbet app mobile


Because of the Spribe Gaming developer, one of the most exciting games in the Brazilian casino industry – the Aviator, can flawlessly be enjoyed if you manage to find a reputable online casino with a decent mobile app. To ensure we will save you a bit of time and effort, we have checked the best Aviator mobile gaming sites you can join for a flawless and entertaining gaming experience. 

We reviewed some of the best gambling sites, with detailed instructions on using the Aviator app they have. You have to follow the steps, and in just a few minutes, you will be enjoying one of the most famous games in Brazil from your phone device! 

The Aviator app refers to the individual application that allows players to engage with the game from their smartphone.

There isn’t a dedicated Aviator game app, so you have to install the unique mobile application of the Brazilian online casino where you will play.

You can download the Aviator app using our website. We always manage the links to official sportsbook and casino apps.

Our detailed research shows that the Mostbet app is the best you can use to enjoy the thrilling Aviator game in Brazil.

Of course! All the sites we suggest have available iOS apps, and you can enjoy the Aviator game using them.