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Aviator is an innovative online casino instant game, a flagman project by Spribe Gaming.

Get to know how to play Aviator on Betway and catch a 100% welcome bonus!
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How Does Betway Aviator Work?

Aviator is a flash game with elements of lottery and above/below betting. Betway Aviator game and Aviator by Spribe on any other site are the same game, but in each casino, it works on a separate server and gives different results.

On the game screen, the stylish red plane flies in the dark sky gaining attitude until the random escape point. Players’ aim is to guess the current point and place 1-2 manual or auto bets below it. The minimum altitude is 1, and the maximum one is unlimited and may exceed several thousand.

For example, you bet 100 ZAR in manual mode and 50 ZAR for 10x in auto mode. You take a manual bet back in 3x and receive a win of 300 ZAR. The plane escapes at 4.5x, does not reach 10x, and your auto bet of 50 ZAR loses.

The game’s main specifications:

BrandTurbo by Spribe Gaming
Created May 2021
TypeMini game
ThemeRetro aviation
Minimum/maximum bet10/1,000 ZAR
VolatilityLow medium
DevicesDesktops, tablets, smartphones
OSWindows, Android, iOS
TechnologiesHTML5, JS

How to Find Aviator on Betway?

If you wonder how to find Aviator on Betway here is the answer:

  1. Go to the Betway site with the .za domain;
  2. In the game menu, click “Aviator” and pass to the live games lobby;
  3. The Aviator tab is the first in the game selection;
  4. Point a game and click the appeared button to start playing.

However, you will be forbidden to play until you create an account.

How to Open Aviator Account at Betway?

Betway requires registration for both demo mode and real money play. But the registration process is very quick and simple. Follow this mini-guide:

  1. On the Betway site with the .za domain, find a registration form at the top of the screen.
  2. Enter your mobile phone, create a password, and click “Sign Up”.
  3. In the appeared form, type your name, surname, and email.
  4. Input a promo code if you have any and click “Next”.
  5. On the next tab, select the type of your ID and enter its number. Then add your date of birth, income source, and suitable language. The site supports not only English but also Zulu, Xhosa, and Sotho.
  6. Choose the desired bonus. Betway offers it in advance, unlike the option after Aviator Betway login creation.
  7. Confirm that you are an adult, finish the registration, and login.
the betway registration process

How to Play the Aviator on Betway for Real Money?

Betway Aviator has advanced gameplay for a better gambling experience. The game interface provides all necessary options for risk management in luck and strategic gambling. This is how to play Aviator on Betway:

  1. Before starting to play, make your first deposit. Transfer 25-1,000 ZAR to receive the 100% bonus.
  2. In the live game section, find Aviator and pass to the game page.
  3. At the center of the screen, there is a countdown progress bar with a swinging propeller. While the countdown goes on, players place bets that appear on the left betting panel.
  4. The minimum bet amount is 10 ZAR, and the maximum one is 1,000 ZAR.
  5. Players may place a regular bet and take the win manually during the flight or use an auto mode to place a precise limit in advance.
  6. After the countdown ends, an attitude indicator appears, and the plane starts a flight.
  7. The attitude indicator grows until an escape, pointing to the current bet multiplayer. Any second, manual bet players may cash out.
  8. At escape altitude, the plane flies away, and the appropriate label appears on the screen.
  9. Manual bets that were not taken before an escape and auto bets above its level lose.
  10. In Aviator on Betway, the played and lost bets are highlighted in green and red persistently.
  11. After the flight, your bet appears on the personal bet tab. The countdown appears again, and a new round starts.

Betway Aviator Top Features

Aviator has several options that make its gameplay truly advanced. By using them, you can play automatically, track the results, invent new hack strategies and, as result, experience more and win more.

betway aviator top features

Auto Bet

Auto bet of Aviator Betway allows players to determine the bet odds in advance and take it back automatically which excludes any possible human, interface and connection errors. The auto bet switches are located on the auto tabs in two bet fields below the play screen.

Autoplay option is used for a consequence of auto bets. The automatic play button is situated on the auto tab in the betting sector. Clicking it calls a form with limits on increasing and decreasing balance, the maximum win, and round quantity.


Automatic withdrawal is a great automated feature. It works in the same way as Auto bet, except that it automates the process of cashing out. When you place a bet, you must receive your bet while the plane is rising and before it falls. If you use the automatic cashout feature, you can set parameters. That way, when the plane reaches a certain point, it will make the withdrawal for you.

The auto-withdrawal is also located in the “Auto” menu in the “Bet” panel. You can turn it on and off in this panel.


On Betway Aviator, this betting panel can be seen in the right half of the screen. It contains tabs for current bets, individual players’ bets and total records. This feature assists in tracking individual and common result statistics to choose the most profitable odds.

In-game chat

Aviator on Betway allows you to socialize, players can become part of the community. Game chat is the best tool for creating a gaming community.

With this game, you will reach a new level of communication, you will be able to easily communicate with like-minded people, exchange experiences, share winning strategies and much more.

Betway Welcome Bonus

Betway credits a generous bonus of 100% for the first deposit of 25-1,000 ZAR for Betway Aviator or sports betting, much more generous than Aviator at any other online casino. To get it, make the following steps:

  1. During registration, enable the checkbox of Sport welcome offer, you may use this money for Aviator bets.
  2. After login, click “Deposit Funds” in the main menu.
  3. You will be redirected to the page of payment methods. Select a suitable credit card, e-wallet or bank transfer system, enter the appropriate credentials and amount.
  4. Pass the FICA verification (KYC).
  5. After the verification confirmation, the bonus will be credited immediately. But to unlock it for betting or withdrawing, you must meet the 3x wagering requirements.

Also, you may choose the 100% online casino bonus of up to 2,000 ZAR with a 30x required wager.

welcome bonus betway

Betway Aviator Demo

After the registration, Betway allows playing Aviator Betway demo, similar to its demo mode on other sites by the conditions. It differs from real money play with fun coins only. Demo mode has several advantages, important for newcomers and strategic gambling fans:

  • Free mode allows studying the game features and training as long as necessary.
  • Demo helps to efficiently track results and safely check tips and tricks on practice.
  • For online casino newcomers, it is a good free way to find out if its games entertain you at all.

However, you can win real money by betting for real money only, and after studying the game in the demo it is definitely time to place a ZAR bet.

aviator demo

Betway Aviator Mobile App

For fans of mobile betting, Aviator Betway has Android and iOS apps, whereas at most other casinos the game is available for smartphones on mobile sites only. In the apps, you may conveniently play Aviator, place the same bets, and deposit and withdraw money via the same payment systems. Betway mobile apps even have several advantages over desktops:

  • Playing anytime and everywhere without a massive device.
  • Advanced gambling experience because of a touchscreen.
  • Quick and easy login if you allow Touch ID verification.
betway aviator mobile app

To download and install the mobile app:

  1. Click the main menu button.
  2. On the side tab, click “Betway app” and pass to the next page.
  3. The Android mobile app is available on the same page via the link “Download the Android App”. Before downloading, allow installation from unknown sources in the smartphone’s settings.
  4. The iOS can be installed via the link to the iTunes Store.

The owners of the rare OS may use the site for mobile browsers, and their Aviator experience is similar to one of BetAviator players. Its navigation is finely adapted to mobile screens, and placing bets and cash out are as convenient as desktop ones.

How to Win at Betway Aviator: Tips and Tricks

Though the results of Aviator Betway cannot be predicted, the game algorithm has vulnerabilities allowing more frequent winnings. Particularly, Aviator’s claimed volatility is low-medium but, in fact, you may influence it by managing odds:

  • Place the bonus no-risk bet on a big odds of 5x or more. You either win big or lose Betway’s money only.
  • Statistically, the bets with smaller multipliers have more chances to succeed than bets of 5x and higher. Therefore, you may place smaller bets for higher odds or bet big for 1.5-2x with the same average success.
  • It is not recommended to bet for a half or quarter of your balance with a multiplier of more than 2x. And never bet all at once.
  • Small balances suit minimum bets for Betway Aviator.
  • Track the most frequent multipliers in a short time (up to 5 minutes). Your bet odds should be 2-3 times lower.
  • Avoid placing bets when round results are less than 2x.

The popular trick is using an Aviator signal app, but the method has pitfalls.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings?

After a successful play and big winning, it is time to withdraw the money and spend it in real life. After winning Aviator on other sites, you may need to fill out a rather complex form, whereas in Aviator Betway withdrawal requesting takes you a few minutes and effort:

  1. Click the main menu button near the logo.
  2. On the left side tab, choose “Withdraw Funds”.
  3. On the next page, select an appropriate payment method, bank transfer or e-wallet, and click “Withdraw Now”. You can withdraw from 50 to 1,000,000 ZAR per transaction.
  4. Enter the data required for withdrawal and confirm the transaction.

You have to wait for money up to 2 business days, but, in practice, most withdrawals are credited within 1 hour.

Betway Aviator Predictor

The results of Aviator Betway are determined by RNG, therefore, they cannot be predicted. But you may face numerous apps and bot programs that claim that they provide true forecasts. We cannot recommend any of these applications as efficient predictors, though, you can check them by yourself. Let’s discuss the example of the free Android app Aviator Predictor. To start using it:

  1. Download the apk installer from a safe market, Google Play or Apple Store;
  2. Install the application, sign up and login;
  3. Click the main button to start receiving the Aviator signals;
  4. Open the Betway Aviator tab and compare a few dozen of its prediction results to game results.

If results and forecasts match in half at least, you are very lucky and will become very rich soon. But the chance to find such a magic adviser is close to zero, and it is only your decision to rely on these Aviator signals or not.

Aviator Predictor

Pros and Cons of Betway Aviator Online

Aviator is an extremely popular game, offered by numerous casinos. Compared to the game on international casinos, playing Aviator on Betway has certain advantages and lacks:


Huge welcome no-risk bet or online casino bonus.
Convenient interface and reliable software.
Mobile apps for Android and iOS.
The maximum withdrawal of 1,000,000 ZAR.
Extremely low wagering requirements.
Advanced security (FICA verification).


No demo mode for unregistered players.
No customer support for unregistered players.

Playing Aviator with Betway: Exciting Experience, Big Winnings, Huge Welcome Bonus

Playing Aviator on Betway is a good way to brighten your evening with an interesting process and huge winnings. Superb features of the advanced Spribe game are enforced with a high-quality Betway interface for desktops and mobiles, convenient payment methods and generous no-risk bets. Play Aviator by Spribe Gaming with Betway and fully use all its zests.

If you are asking “Does Betway have Aviator?” we have an answer: Yes, look for the game in the section Aviator, it is among the firsts.

There is no 100% strategy. To increase your chances, place bets for up to 2x multiplier and use an auto mode.

Aviator Betway results are determined by RNG and cannot be predicted. There are applications to forecast Aviator results but be cautious using them.

Yes, choose “Fun Playing” on the proper slider on the game screen. But you need to register in advance.