Hollywoodbets Aviator in Brazil

Hollywoodbets has once again hit Brazilian players with another top release. Hollywoodbets Aviator, developed by Spribe, is a fun and exciting multiplayer game that revolves around cashing out on your bet before the lucky plane flies away. The game is unique and worth your attention, so try it!
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Hollywoodbets Aviator

How Does Hollywoodbets Aviator Work?

Aviator at Hollywoodbets is a unique virtual game that has taken the Brazilian gambling industry by storm. It’s a game with simple rules. All you have to do is cash out your winnings before the plane flies away. The game starts with the coefficient at 1.0 and increases as long as the plane stays flying up to x100 or even higher. Your stake is multiplied by the odds whenever you hit the cashout button.

While some online casino sites may classify it as a slot, it doesn’t feature any reels or paylines of a typical online slot. Your objective in the game is to cash out your bet when the coefficient is at the highest, which means that the game is based purely on intuition and luck.

The multiplier can get to over x100 if the plane can stay that long or even fly away a few seconds into the round when the odds have barely reached 1.10! Some rounds may even hit off with bigger multipliers. The game works on an RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm so you never know what might happen, which makes it such an exciting game. Some information you may need to know before login to Hollywoodbets Aviator is in the table below.

Game TypeCrash game
Aviator game minimum bet0.5 BRL
Game providerSpribe Gaming
Last game updateApril 2022
LanguageEnglish, Portuguese
Release date31.05.2021
Beat frequencyN/A
VarianceLow, medium
Maximum win50,000 BRL
Game ObjectsAircraft
OthersBlack sky, red sky
Devices to playDesktop, Smartphone, Tablets
TechnologyJavaScript, HTML 5

How to Open an Aviator Account at Hollywoodbets Brazil?

Before you can get access to joining the new rave in town, Aviator online, you must first have a betting account with Hollywoodbets, one of South Africa’s largest and most dependable betting sites in Brazil. Follow the steps below to quickly and easily sign up for a new account.

  1. Open your browser and go to hollywoodbets.co.mz from your device.
  2. Look for the register button in the top right corner of your screen and click it.
  3. Follow the registration process and include the needed details. N:B: Make sure to use a secure password that you can easily remember.
  4. You can log in to your Hollywoodbets Aviator account now.
  5. Look for the Aviator game on the menu and start playing! Don’t forget to top up your account to play for real money.

How to Play the Aviator for Real Money in Brazil?

Once you use the Hollywoodbets Aviator login details to access your account, you may follow the listed steps to scoop some winnings. 

  1. Head to the deposit page and cash in some amount of money with your preferred deposit option. Hollywoodbets supports pretty enough payment methods, convenient for Brazilian gamblers.  
  2. Go to the Aviator lobby and place a bet. You may select one or two bets in the same round.
  3. Enter a stake amount in the bet tab and wait for the round to start. The minimum stake amount is 0.5 BRL, and the maximum is 500 BRL.
  4. Before the round starts, you may check stats about how previous rounds went and also check the leaderboard for the recent big wins.
  5. Once the round starts, watch out for the multiplier and cash out your winnings before the plane flies off.
  6. To continue using the same stake amount for the remaining rounds, simply activate the Autoplay option on the betting panel.

You may use some betting strategies we will discuss later in the article to increase your winning chance.

Hollywoodbets Aviator Top Features

Hollywoodbets Aviator is available in real money mode for every Brazilian player. Learn the Top features of the game before you start playing to maximize your winnings and minimize your losses.

Hollywoodbets aviator top features

Auto Bet

The Auto bet feature works by placing a predetermined bet amount on the coming rounds. It can be activated by clicking the “Auto” tab on the betting panel. You may cancel the automatic play anytime.

Auto Withdrawal

Sometimes, you may be unlucky, and the plane might fly off just as you hit the cashout button. This can be solved through the auto withdrawal option. You have to decide what coefficient you want to cash out, and the game automatically withdraws your winning when it hits that odds. You will not need to worry about the flying off just as you are about to hit the cashout button.


Find the Aviator’s last game results from history at the top of the screen, where a leaderboard displays the biggest wins from the last day, month, and year. You can see the stake, the multiplier, and the total amount won for each bet. On the left side of your screen is the Live Bets panel with the bets other players have made for the current round. This is also information you can use to hone your Aviator betting strategy.

The leaderboard displays the Aviator bet history of gamblers that have played the game. It also displays the biggest wins per day, month, and year. The leaderboard displays the stake, coefficient/odds, and the amount won for each. It’s one of the features to promote social interactions in the game.

In-Game Chat

Players can chat with other players through the in-game chat feature. It is a fun, social, and interactive tool for creating a game community among players from not only Brazil but all Hollywoodbet countries. You may find it on the right side of the game screen. Big wins are posted there automatically by the bot. You may even learn new strategies or Aviator signals from there!

Hollywoodbets Welcome Bonus for Brazilian Gamblers

Keep your Hollywoodbets Aviator login info. You need them to sign in and be eligible for the welcome bonuses. Hollywoodbets offers some welcome rewards in the form of a deposit bonus. Brazilian newcomers may win up to 750 BRL after the first placed bet of 75 BRL or choose a special Big 5 promo for Aviator and win up to 1,500 BRL.

There are also some other bonuses like the Aviator rain promo. It can be accessed in the in-game chat. This free bet may appear randomly and can be accessed by clicking the claim button.

Welcome bonus Hollywoodbets

Hollywoodbets Aviator Demo

Hollywoodbets doesn’t offer an Aviator Demo directly, but Brazilian players may play the free version of the game directly from the Spribe gaming website. The demo version of the game is a great opportunity to try and get comfortable with the gameplay before playing for real money. This is an opportunity to get the necessary experience.

hollywoodbets demo aviator

Hollywoodbets Aviator Mobile App

Hollywoodbets has a mobile app accessible across all devices. This allows Brazilians to have access to their favorite game wherever they want. The app is simple to use and features great graphics similar to the website. You may download it via the Google Play Store or the website for Android devices.

Hollywoodbets aviator mobile app

How to Win at Hollywoodbets Aviator: Tips and Tricks

You may develop some betting Strategies from the most successful Brazilian players to help you win more. One exciting feature of Aviator is that you can place two different bets on the same round. This gives room for more strategies.

How to win at hollywoodbets aviator
  • One of the gambling strategies is placing a small stake on one bet and a relatively bigger one on the other. You cash out your bigger stake at smaller odds (less than 1.60) and leave the smaller one ’till big multipliers (greater than 5.00) that way, you can hope to recover some winnings with the smaller coefficient even if you lose on the huge one. But then, there’s still the probability of both bets losing.
  • Another strategy is to bet big and cash out fast. You place big bets and cash out as fast as possible (at coefficients less than 1.10). This way, you can get some steady small earnings even before the plane goes far. This strategy is very risky since there’s still the probability of losing. Go big or go home.

You may also set the auto cashout feature to a fairly huge multiplier of 20 or 30. You’ll then increase your chances by placing small bets for each round. You will not win as often as betting on smaller multipliers, but when you do win, it will be big.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings in Brazil?

Once you finally hit some winnings and would like to withdraw it, you may do this by following some steps listed below.

  1. Head to the withdrawal page.
  2. Insert the chunk of your winnings you would like to withdraw and select your preferred Brazilian payment method.
  3. Submit your withdrawal request and wait for the online casino and bank to process it.

Most transactions last several minutes, but, sometimes, you need to wait up to 24 hours before receiving your winnings.

Hollywoodbets Aviator Predictor

Hollywoodbets Aviator predictor is a popular APK hack that can forecast what coefficient the plane will stop at before flying off. It can be found on the Brazilian Google Play store.

The application is available for a fee. Its authenticity has not been reliably confirmed. Since Aviator is based on an RNG, the game cannot be hacked and neither man nor machine can predict the outcome of the game. That’s why Predictor is sometimes considered a scam. It’s up to you whether to use the predictor or not, but kindly note that it is not always accurate.

Aviator Predictor

Pros and Cons of Hollywoodbets Aviator Online

The platform Hollywoodbets has proven itself to be the top online casino in Brazil. They offer interesting bonuses like the Big 5 and Aviator rain promo, where random free bets appear in the in-game chat menu. These features aren’t accessible on other online casinos!


You can easily find an Aviator because of the convenient site navigation.
It has a low minimum stake of 0.5 BRL.
The casino services are available in Portuguese.
Numerous bonuses and promotions are available to users in Hollywoodbets.
No training is required to play Aviator on Hollywoodbets.


The platform doesn’t offer a demo mode version, unlike some casinos.
It may take some time to develop the perfect winning strategy.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, Hollywoodbets is one of the best platforms to play Aviator in Brazil, thanks to its convenient banking options, easy site navigation, and other advantages.


Hollywoodbets Aviator is a really fun and exciting game to play with a big mix of benefits and risk thrill, as you can hit some big wins with the right timing and a good bet. It will especially appeal to Brazilian gamblers who enjoy fast-paced slots or other games. The game is easy to understand and won’t take any time before you get a hand on it. The community presence makes it even more fun and exciting as the in-game chat feature can let you talk to other players in a real-time, thereby promoting a lively and social atmosphere when playing.

The Return To Player (RTP) of the game stands at 97%, which makes it quite impressive. While you’re expecting some big wins, don’t forget that the plane can fly off at any time!

You may get Aviator on Hollywoodbets by creating an account at Hollywoodbets and heading to the Aviator lobby.

There is no sure way to predict Aviator except your intuition. Although, there are some Aviator predictor APKs around with some nice predictions.

After logging in to your account with your Aviator Hollywoodbets login, you go to the Aviator lobby and place a bet on a round. Ensure you cash out your winnings before the plane flies away!

Unfortunately, Hollywoodbets do not offer Aviator Hollywoodbets demo mode.