Parimatch Aviator

Aviator by Spribe is not only exciting entertainment for Brazilian online casinos but also a chance for 10,000x winning. Aviator offers bets of up to 500 BRL, multiple frequent rounds and advanced gameplay. Besides, betting Parimatch Aviator, players may rely on a high-quality interface, secured payment methods and count on the casino's generous bonuses. Let us look closer at the main Aviator Parimatch benefits.
parimatch aviator

How Does Parimatch Aviator Work?

Aviator is the first and most popular in Brazil crash game by Spribe Gaming. During its round, an animated retro plane flies to the sky until the sudden escape. An escape point is calculated by RNG and is absolutely random.

The round looks like this:

  • In the middle of the screen, a progress bar reflects the time before a new round. Players place bets.
  • The round starts. The plane flies, and a counter in the screen’s bottom left corner reflects a gained attitude. 
  • During the round, players cash out their bets. An attitude at the moment of cashout is a bet multiplier. 
  • The plane escapes and the round ends. Those who did not cash out before the plane’s escape lose.

For example, a Parimatch Aviator player places a 500 BRL bet, cashes out at 2x and wins 1,000 BRL. If the plane escapes at a less attitude, the player losses 500 BRL.

Parimatch Aviator players can indirectly manage its volatility. The plane obligatory passes low attitudes to reach the high, but not the opposite, and higher altitude means more money and risk. For example, the 2x bets win very often, but in small amounts. The 100x bets have minimal chances but win big.

Aviator Parimatch has several in-built restrictions for betting and winning amounts:

  • maximum manual bet multiplier of 100,000x; 
  • maximum auto bet multiplier of 100x;
  • maximum win per bet of 50,000 BRL. 

After reaching these values, the bet automatically cashes out. 

Let us sum up Parimatch Aviator’s essential features below:

DeveloperSpribe Gaming
GenreInstant crash game
VerifiedProvably Fair
Min./max. bet0.5-500 BRL
Min./max. multiplier1.00-100,000x
Max. winning per bet50,000 BRL
Supported OSsWindows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, custom OS.
Supported devicesDesktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs.

How to Open Aviator Account at Parimatch?

To bet on Parimatch Aviator for real money, a Brazilian player has to register. It is simple and almost anonymous:

  • Click a button with the label “Sign up”;
  • Enter your mobile phone number or email;
  • Create a reliable password;
  • Activate the promo code field by clicking the appropriate link and insert the code;
  • Select the online casino deposit bonus among the offered;
  • Confirm that you are an adult and click “Sign Up”;
  • You will pass to a player’s account automatically.

You can deposit and play anonymously until you decide to cash out the site. Then you need account confirmation. Enter your private data and contacts, upload a photo of your national ID or Brazilian passport and verify your phone number.

Besides, you must obligatory set a secret question and answer for it for emergency verifying of your identity. The Parimatch administration may also ask you for a copy of your driver’s license and utility bill.

How to Play Aviator for Real Money?

Parimatch Aviator for Brazil provides convenient, reliable and multifunctional interface for playing real money. The game betting panel is located at the bottom of the screen and contains two bet fields. Because of the two fields, a player may deposit two bets with different settings in the same round.

The main options of the betting panel are:

  • Manual and auto mode;
  • Basic and custom bet amounts;
  • Bet/cashout button.

These elements are simple, and you will get used to them after a couple of bets.

To place your first Aviator Parimatch bet:

  1. Register or log in your account
  2. In the wallet section of your account, choose a suitable payment method and make a deposit;
  3. Claim the bonus;
  4. In the Aviator section of Parimatch, find the game’s icon, select the button for playing for real money and pass to the Aviator page;
  5. Select a manual or auto mode, a bet amount of 0.5-500 BRL and settings;
  6. Click the bet button, the software will register the bet for the next round;
  7. If you choose the manual mode, click the bet button again to cash out before an escape point.

Repeat this algorithm and continue collecting winnings on Parimatch.

how to play aviator in parimatch

Parimatch Welcome Bonus

For newcomers, Parimatch has a generous welcome casino bonus. Players can use it for all online casino games including Parimatch Aviator. The bonus for Brazilian players contains 150% of a first deposit and may reach 7,500 BRL.

To receive the welcome casino bonus:

  • Copy the welcome bonus code from the section Bonuses and paste it during registration;
  • After login, you will find yourself in the deposit section;
  • Choose a suitable payment method and make a deposit;
  • You may also enter the bonus code in the section Bonus after depositing;
  • After crediting the payment, you will find the bonus in the personal promo section.

Besides the welcome bonus, Parimatch offers a worthy loyalty program and numerous short-term online casino promotions. These rewards can complement your funds for Aviator Parimatch betting.

Welcome bonus on the first deposit in Parimatch

Parimatch Aviator Demo

Parimatch allows playing Aviator for both real money and free. Demo mode is equal to a real money mode, except for:

  • Players win fun coins instead of reals or dollars;
  • Without the right to claim bonuses.

Demo mode is a perfect free solution for Brazilian beginners to:

  • Study the Aviator Parimatch rules and train skills;
  • Try tips, tricks, and strategies;
  • Collect wide individual statistics;
  • Just have fun without spending a real.

Try the Aviator demo on Parimatch even without registration!

Aviator demo mode at the bookmaker Parimatch

Parimatch Aviator Mobile App

To play Aviator everywhere, download the Parimatch app for Android. The Parimatch app keeps the convenience and reliability of desktop navigation, offers the same games and bonuses, and supports the same Portuguese and English for Brazilian localization. Besides, the mobile app assumes instant biometrical login and easier cooperation with your e-banking apps.

Despite the highest quality, the Parimatch app has humble technical requirements for your smartphone:

  • Android 5.1 or later;
  • RAM 1Gb+;
  • 100 Mb of memory.

To install the app and start betting on Aviator Parimatch:

  1. In your smartphone’s settings, turn on the installation of apps from unknown sources;
  2. Go to the Android apps section on the official Parimatch site;
  3. Click the download button or scan the QR to get Parimatch APK;
  4. Go to the download directory and double-tap the APK to install it.

Users of iOS, Harmony and custom mobile OSes may play Parimatch Aviator on the site via the mobile browser. The navigation of the mobile site for Brazil is as convenient as that of the app, but the site requires even less RAM and no installation at all.

Download the Aviator mobile app at Parimatch

How to Win at Parimatch Aviator: Tips and Tricks

Aviator is a game with a certified RNG that provides absolutely random results. No one can find correlations between them to make a reliable prediction. That is why we recommend avoiding Aviator signals and predictor apps. Either Twitter groups and Telegram bot channels are useless because they rely on the same software.

Otherwise, some valid strategies can assist your luck in gambling Aviator Parimatch. Instead of guessing escape points, their algorithm contains managing bet amounts and choosing low-risk odds of 1.5-2x. The most popular among Brazilians are:

  • The Martingale strategy assumes bet doubling after each loss and going back to a basic bet after each win.
  • Fibonacci’s strategy means summing up previous losses to place them as a current bet. After a win, a player places a basic bet.
  • Due to insurance strategy, a custom bet is always accompanied by a low-risk big bet that covers all losses. For example, insurance of 100 BRL for 1.1x and a main 10 BRL bet for 100x.

Besides the strategies, there are several easy tips and tricks that will keep your gambling Parimatch Aviator smart and balance safe:

  • Meet all requirements and make all tasks to get maximum bonuses.
  • Set daily limits for gambling. Appreciate both your money and time.
  • The higher risk, the smaller bet. Anyway, never place bets of more than 5% of your deposit.
  • Train the demo before playing for real money, especially if you plan manual betting.
  • Test every tip or hack for free before using it for real money bets, most tips do not work.
  • Use the advantages of Aviator’s interface, particularly double bets and auto mode for at least one bet.
  • Keep away part of every big winning for reserve.
  • Play only when being calm and sober. Never chase losses.

Follow at least the majority of these rules, and your balance will never be empty.

Parimatch Aviator Top Features

Half of Aviator’s success in Brazil is its thoughtful interface. Besides the basic single bet, Aviator has advanced functions that help to increase a player’s chances, place smart bets and quit relying on his or her reaction rate and attention.

The main are:

  • Auto bet;
  • Auto withdrawal;
  • Statistics and leaderboard;
  • In-game chat.

Use these features and get the maximum of Aviator betting!

Features of the Aviator game at Parimatch

Auto Bet

Players can automatically place a series of equal Aviator Parimatch bets in one or both bet sections. These bets may also be cashed out manually or automatically. Automatic betting is useful for some low-risk strategies, as well as not to miss a round and save players’ energy.
To start automatic play:

  • Click the auto tab;
  • Select a bet amount;
  • Click a blue auto-play button;
  • In the pop-up form, choose rounds quantity and limits, then click “Start”;
  • The auto-play button turns red, click it to stop the auto-bet series.

Automatic betting is useful for low-risk strategies. So use the feature to stop missing rounds and save your energy.

Auto Withdrawal

Players can set an auto withdrawal for bets placed both automatically and manually. Auto withdrawal suits Parimatch Aviator strategies with big bets and low multipliers, pro gamblers who play long and often. Profis usually combine auto withdrawal and auto bets.

To enable auto withdrawal:

  • On the auto tab of the betting panel, turn on the switcher “Auto Cash Out”;
  • Enter a multiplier of 1.01-100x, when the plane reaches it, your bet will be cash out.

Auto withdrawal suits Parimatch Aviator strategies with big bets and low multipliers, so Brazilian pro gamblers may play long and often. Combine auto withdrawal and auto bets and get profits of pros.


Aviator Parimatch tracks players’ betting history. These data must help to choose the best strategies, adjust bet amounts and multipliers. The statistics panel is located on the left part of the screen and contains:

  • List of bets and players that participate in the current round;
  • Individual player’s history of bets and winnings;
  • List of the recent biggest gains.

Additionally, the line of recent Aviator results at the top of the screen helps to compare current multipliers instantly.

In-Game Chat

In the real money mode, registered players can chat with each other in the section in the right part of the Parimatch Aviator screen. They share the joy of winnings, notify about bugs and share tips and tricks.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings?

After successful Aviator Parimatch betting, it is time to grab your prizes. Parimatch supports real payments via all main Brazilian payment methods:

  • E-check Boleto;
  • E-wallets Pix, Pay4Fun, PicPay, AstroPay;
  • Digital card VCreditos;
  • Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ethereum.

Withdrawals via almost all methods last about 15 minutes. You may withdraw any amount between 10 and 10,000 BRL per transaction. Crypto payments are almost unlimited.

To make a withdrawal:

  1. Go to your account wallet and click the withdrawal button;
  2. Select the most convenient payment method;
  3. Enter a desired amount, then add credentials;
  4. Confirm the withdrawal.

You can check the status of your deposit or withdrawal in the “Payment History” section. Also, note that you cannot withdraw money until you claim an active bonus.

Pros and Cons of Parimatch Aviator Online

Aviator is an extremely popular game, and multiple Brazilian online casino sites eagerly add it to their game libraries. Compared to them, playing the Aviator Parimatch version has several essential advantages, though it cannot avoid some lack.


150% welcome casino bonus
Numerous short-term deposit bonuses
Supports e-check, digital cards, e-wallets, and main cryptocurrencies.
Allows demo playing without registration.


Withdrawals are forbidden when a player has an active bonus.


Aviator by Spribe Gaming is an exciting and profitable online casino entertainment, and playing the Brazilian Aviator Parimatch version makes it even better. Parimatch offers a reliable, quick and stylish interface, various convenient and cost-saving payment methods and great bonuses. Grab your chance to play for Parimatch money and win your first million.

Aviator Parimatch is real. You can check its results on the Spribe’s site and check the Parimatch license Curaçao #5536/JAZ number 159965.

Yes, Parimatch has a special site for Brazilian gamblers that supports payments in reals and has an interface in Portuguese.

You need to track a plane’s flight, place a bet at its start, and cash out before the plane escapes. You can also use double and automatic bets.