How to choose the right dive school

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So, you've picked where to learn to dive, and you're asking around town to find the right school. There's more factors than cost to consider – here's a few points to look for.

The best places in the world to learn to dive

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Diving is the closest most mortals will ever get to spacewalking, an almost-free pass to the underwater world. But.... Where in the world to learn? Here's a few suggestions. vs Google Flights

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Twitter is a wonderful invention. A speedy knowledgeable database filled with experts, folks with encyclopedic knowledge of the middle of nowhere and lots of funny looking animal memes. But sometimes, it can scare the absolute bejayus out of you. Take last Tuesday. There I was, hard at it on the RTW coalface when these two tweets appeared...

Yes, You Can Take the Kids Out of School

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I'm not entirely sure what I was expecting when I wandered into the headmaster's office at my son's London primary and told him I planned to take my spawn travelling for a year. vs KAYAK

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Interesting report from Bootsnall released this week. Conclusion being the Kayak was cheaper when it came to RTWs. We were a little taken aback as this didn't seem to be our experience. Kayak are excellent for point to point fares (we like them) but not generally for multi-stops or RTWs. So we thought we'd do a little experiment. It's pretty unscientific but we took 5 of our biggest selling RTW routes and did a price comparison search leaving in May (low season). We also took a screen grab of the results. Some really rather surprising results...