Which Pacific Island to pick?

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 takes a look at the options for Pacific stopovers, and tries to help you decide which one is right for you

Taxing times in Palau

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Visitors are drawn to Palau mainly by the prospect of swimming in a lake full of jellyfish and diving or snorkelling around the stunning Rock Islands. Having made the long journey to reach this Pacific island it’s only natural that many will also want to see a little bit more of the country and hiring a car to drive around the main island of Babeldaob appears to be a sensible option. Touring independently by car however is not as simple as it seems, thanks to a level of bureaucracy that appears geared towards deterring any thought of unescorted travel around the country.

Guam and the secret bus

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Six reasons to add Easter Island to your RTW itinerary

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Isolation: If you like the whole middle of nowhere thing, then Easter Island should be your dream destination. It’s the most isolated inhabited island in the world, 2,200 miles away from continental South America, and 1,290 miles away from the next spot where people live. And that’s Pitcairn Island, which is hardly a bustling hub. In other words, don’t think about going for a swim to visit the neighbours.

Palau travel guide: Why go, what to do and where to stay

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David Whitley reckons Palau is a brilliant spot to include on an RTW trip – and he’s generously sharing his tips on tours, dive and snorkel trips and accommodation