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This page contains essential information about the site RoundTheWorldFlights in Brazil, its aims and purposes. It specifies policies of interaction with the site users, collection of users' private data and tracking of the site activity.
About the RoundTheWorldFlight site

About RoundTheWorldFlights

RoundTheWorldFlights is a Brazilian site about Aviator game – a mega-popular casino instant game by Spribe Gaming. RoundTheWorldFlights provides its users with valid, useful and structured information in a safe and convenient environment.

RoundTheWorldFlights informs about Aviator gameplay, bets and winnings, explains its algorithm and interface, and advises how to use it with the biggest profits.

The site offers information for Brazilian Aviator players of all experience levels. Newcomers may evaluate the game by its essential features and reviews by real experienced players. Professional Aviator gamblers can find out new tips, hacks and strategies. 

Our Aim

The RoundTheWorldFlights team strives to collect all available information about Aviator and provide it to players. On another hand, the site advises the best online casinos to players. 

Thanks to RoundTheWorldFlights, well-informed and motivated players meet high-quality trusted online casinos with valid licenses in Brazil. They start their Aviator betting in the best conditions and develop their skills with advanced pro strategies and the most valuable tips. RoundTheWorldFlights helps players to skip months of Aviator training and assists casinos in cutting marketing costs.

How We Earn – Affiliate Policy

Besides informing, RoundTheWorldFlights created a smart affiliate strategy and embodied it in fine mechanics. The high-quality SEO texts and other optimization increase the site’s level on the search engine result pages and make them more attractive for visitors. We collect numerous leads, hot them by describing all Aviator benefits and lead to the Aviator pages in Brazilian casinos. We bring a lot of high-quality traffic to your casino site and take a percentage of your extra profit. If you are a casino owner, we are waiting for your offer. 

Cookies Policy

RoundTheWorldFlights operates under the requirements of Brazilian and international legislation. We have a legit obligation to track users’ navigation and other activities on the site. We make it for the improvement of the user experience, saving personal settings and redirection history of every visitor of our site.

Furthermore, we do not pass the results of the tracking to third parties, including affiliated sites. They process all players’ redirections by themselves. 

By using our site, you automatically agree to our tracking of your behavior with cookies. If you refuse to detain the site’s cookies policy, do not use the site. Pay attention, the policy may be changed in the future.

Privacy Policy

RoundTheWorldFlights does not require registration. The site does not collect your private information, so it cannot store or share it with third parties. The user’s private information (name) that is provided in a personal Aviator review on our site cannot be passed to third parties.

By using our site, you automatically agree to the terms of using your private data. If you refuse to detain the privacy policy, please, leave the site. Additionally, we notify that the privacy policy can be updated in the future.