Below are some of best selling Student/Under 26 RTWs. All are FOC to date change. But this is just an example of the exclusive deals we can offer, that other companies simply do not have (Most charge from £30-£130). Call our expert RTW consultants on 020 7704 5700 and they can book one of the RTW fares below
 What other companies charge  Fees* FREE
Student Travel Australia Travel package £59-99
USIT £78
Trailfinders £130
Austravel £100
Alliance RTWs (twice as expensive) £30-£100
DIY online with LCCs (more expensive) £5 - Fixed
*All fees based on call and site survey 8th February 2012. Based on route UK LA Fiji Auckland Australia Asia UK
  from £925  Australia & New Zealand Student/Under 26 deal

This is or No.1 top selling multi-stop ticket: It's a great deal allowing you to visit Australia or New Zealand via Asia, whilst allowing flights within Oz from only £40 each; The four big pluses of this ticket are 1. The overall cost (lead in fare is to Perth) 2. The discounted flights within Australia (between £40-£80 per sector) 3.The excellent stopover options within Asia

UK - Bangkok or Singapore - Australia - Asia Stop - UK
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  from £1062   Globehopper Student/Under 26 RTW

This is our No. 1 Selling RTW and is a great starter round the world. It allows you to visit Asia or Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji or the States; You can fly Downunder via Asia (Bangkok or Singapore) or Africa (Johannesburg) or the Middle East (Dubai) , major hubs in Australia, New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch or Queenstown) and a choice of Fiji or San Francisco or Los Angeles or New York.

UK - Bangkok or Singapore or Jo'burg or Dubai - Australia - New Zealand - Fiji or USA - UK
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  from £1369  The Classic Student/U26 RTW

This Classic 7 Student/U26 RTW fare allows you to circle the globe visiting faraway places such as Africa, the Far East, North America, Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. You can enjoy up to 7 free stopovers within a wide variety of itineraries and get extra flights within Australia from £40 per sector - It also allows unlimited extra stops within Australia

UK - New York - LA - Hawaii - Fiji - New Zealand - Australia - Bangkok - UK
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  from £1459   Student or Under 26 Discoverer RTW

The Student/Under 26 Discoverer RTW fare is the cheapest RTW via South America; it also allows you to circle the globe visiting Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, North and Central America and the Pacific. It also allows unlimited extra stops within Australia from £35 (within the general mileage and sector rules of this RTW ), is valid for 12 months and is fully flexible - allowing date changes and unusually, re-routing.

UK - South America - Auckland - Australia - Bali - SE Asia - UK
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