How to Win at Aviator? Guide for Brazil

As one of the most exciting crashes that have taken over the Brazilian gambling community in just a few years, many players want to know how the Aviator game algorithm works and how they can win from the game.

Luckily, with the Aviator's simple mechanics and the available detailed statistics, developing a few‌ winning strategies is not very challenging. Our experts have played the game extensively to establish the best Spribe Aviator game tricks and techniques you can use to become a winning player quickly.
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Spribe Aviator Game Tricks

Before getting into the more complex concept of strategies and increasing your winning chance, you can implement some simple Aviator game tricks immediately and become a better player.

Try the Game in Demo Mode

You can’t expect to have success playing the Aviator casino game if it’s your first time trying out the game. So one of the best things you can do at the beginning is open the demo game of the title and play for free on the Brazilian platform Pin Up Casino. That’s how you can implement all the relevant Pin Up Aviator tricks and strategies we will give you without any risk.


aviator demo

Think About Your Balance

Of course, the Aviator game is pretty exciting, and sometimes you can get carried away when enjoying it. But this must never impact how much you spend on the game. That’s why we strongly recommend playing the game only with a balance comfortable for you. Moreover, don’t fund your account on the same day once you trespass this specific amount. The recommended balance for beginners in Brazil is 100-750 BRL per session.   

Don’t Be Greedy

Even if you check the statistics of the Aviator game now, you will see there has been at least one enormous multiplier of 50x or more. But although reaching multipliers like these are certainly possible, they are rare, and chasing them will often result in losing money. It’s a much better approach to aim for lower multipliers like 2-3x, but bank winnings much more often.

The Most Profitable Aviator Strategies

The Spribe Aviator game tricks will take you only so far, even if you do your best to implement them. You will need more than brief advice to become a winning player and succeed in this thrilling game. You need a tactical and proven approach. And that’s what the gambling strategies are. In the following lines, we will check out some of the most profitable strategies easily implementable in the Aviator game and often used by pro gamblers in Brazil.

strategies in the aviator game

Single Bet Strategies

In the Aviator, you can place two different bets simultaneously. Although this can be a handy feature, it’s not something you should use as a complete beginner. So, the best thing you can do is learn how to use single-bet strategies effectively.

Grand Martingale

Everyone has heard of the classic Martingale strategy, where you double your bet after losing. The flaw in this approach is that you risk too much to bank the amount of one of your bets when you finally win. The Grand Martingale eliminates that flaw, making it worth your while.

You take on the 2x multiplier on the Aviator and bet only on it. After every losing bet, you will double your next wager and add one more basic amount. For example, if you have placed 10 BRL and lost, the next time, you will put 30 BRL (10×2+10). Once you use the system for longer, you will understand it’s much more profitable than the original Martingale. And it’s much easier when implementing it on the Aviator game, where multipliers often go over 2x. 


Even in the newest exciting games like the Aviator, mathematics will always prevail and put you in a better position. The Labouchere strategy takes advantage of just that. It may be complicated for you to understand the first two times. Still, it’s enjoyable to implement, especially when combined with the exciting nature of the Aviator.

First, you choose the multiplier you want to bet on. We recommend between 2x-3x. Then you take your notes and write the unique sequence of numbers – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

The size of your bets will always be the summary of the first and last number in the sequence. So, taking the one we provided above, your first bet should be 11 BRL. If you win, you remove the first and last numbers of the sequence, so it will look like this: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. That said, your next bet will be with 11 BRL again. In the case of a loss, you add one number to the end of the sequence.

Labouchere is a progressive Aviator strategy, and you can play for hours. Once you remove all the numbers from the sequence, you will discover you have made an enormous profit.

The 1-3-2-6 Strategy

A unique strategy that exploits the winning streaks in the Aviator is called 1-3-2-6. With this strategy, you just bet on the 2x multiplier four times in a row, following the above mentioned sequence.

It’s up to you if you want to gamble with more, but you have to follow the exact proportions. If you win the four rounds by following this betting system with the minimum amounts, you will have won 12 BRL. It’s important to understand that when you lose, you must start at the beginning again. You only progress with the sequence after a winning bet.

Multi Bet Strategies

The multi-bet strategies are created to use the option of a second bet on the Aviator. And there are some fantastic options there. 

The Low-Risk High Reward Strategy

This is an approach where you will place two bets with different amounts and on different multipliers. Let’s say your bigger bet will be 30 BRL, while the minor is 15 BRL. The smaller bet should be placed on a more significant multiplier in the range of 3x-5x. The significant wager should be placed on 1,5x. You will often win this bet, so you won’t lose any money. But if you also land the second bet, even on the 3x multiplier, your profit will be 45 BRL! For the 5x, this will be 75 BRL.

Observe and Play

The Aviator’s game advantage is that it provides detailed statistics of which multipliers have landed in the previous rounds. Therefore, you should wait for the perfect moment when there have been five consecutive rounds where the multiplier was below 1,5x. Then, you will bet that the multiplier will be around 3x with your bigger bet and 5x with your smaller wager in the next round. You will be surprised how often you will win with this strategy.

Should You Trust the Aviator Predictor Bot?

Brazilian gamblers often face links to a unique application called the Aviator predictor bot, claiming to calculate the outcomes of the rounds in the game with an accuracy of over 90%. 

Technology has been advancing rapidly, and we even have some fantastic AI algorithms. But we should keep in mind that the results of each Aviator round are entirely random, and not even an advanced Spribe Aviator prediction software could provide correct tips, yet over 90% of the time.

aviator game predictor

Should You Trust Aviator Game Signals?

With the hope of winning significantly, many players hop on the trend of Aviator signals. These are shared by people who have “inside information” and cover the exact moment of the signal and the multiplier and platform. That said, we encountered many 1Win Aviator signals, which claim to exploit some flaw in this particular site, leading to enormous winnings from players.

But as we mentioned above, even if you work on a site that hosts the Aviator game, you won’t be able to get any information about the results. That’s because no one knows them at all! The Spribe Aviator operates under the Provably Fair algorithm, and the results are always random.


The Aviator is a fascinating game, one of the best in Brazil, and the different people and software promising you sure winnings take the pleasure away from enjoying this crash. 

Unfortunately, relying on cheap Aviator game tricks won’t bring you the winnings you want, no matter how much you wait for this to happen. 

So, why not just implement the working strategies we shared today and have fun with the exciting Aviator game while profiting consistently simultaneously?