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In his misspent youth, David Whitley spent just under five years in Australia, editing backpacker magazines between drinks. He returned home in 2006, but did so in a spectacularly half-hearted manner. He’s been back around the world three times since then, and his current trip is the fourth different route he has taken. After all, look at all those lovely new countries, sitting there and waiting to be ticked off.

If you ask his dad, David makes a living by being paid to go on holiday. He will angrily deny this, and then sheepishly admit that it’s not too far from the truth – David is a full-time travel writer and his work appears in publications across the globe. Previous adventures on his epic jaunts have included being stranded on a Barrier Reef island after getting on the wrong plane, turning up in a dull country town the day after it had broken the world record for biggest pub crawl and inadvertently snubbing the prime minister of the Cook Islands.

David has travelled around the world several times now and you can read about his RTW experiences here