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Okay there's been a lot of puff, spin and bull recently about the increase in UK APD this year. Up from £10 in 1994 to £81 now. Don't really want to get into the politics of it, but it did get me thinking that there is a general ignorance as to the sheer number of governmental taxes, airport fees, and the biggest chunk - YQ (basically a non optional charge from the airlines) that now abound. So I thought I'd choose an average route and breakdown the taxes and surcharges for you all. The airfare can be found here by the way.


A Route

London Heathrow - Bangkok - Singapore - Sydney - Auckland - Fiji - Los Angeles surface San Francisco - London Heathrow


Taxes, fuel surcharges, and my personal favourite - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Fee 

81.00GB UK departure tax
34.49UB London Heathrow tax (all those seats and free WIFI!)
14.20TS Thailand: Domestic Passenger Service Charge
Singapore: Passenger Security Charge
3.00OP Singapore Aviation Levy
6.90SG Singapore: Passenger Service Charge
30.50AU Australia: Passenger Movement Charge     
33.20WY Australia - Passenger Service Charge
4.60IA Auckland tax
14.60KK New Zealand tax
52.70EY Fiji Airport Departure tax
2.00EZ Fiji - Airport Service Charge 
2.00FA Fiji - Airport Development Tax
1.60AY United States: aviation security surcharge
3.10XA United States: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Fee  
2.80XF United States: Passenger Facilities Charge
4.40XY United States: Immigration and Naturalization Service Inspection Fee
3.40YC United States: Customs User Fee
373.00YQ Fuel surcharges - a charge that the airline pocket (therefore, not really a tax)
20.70YR  YR is an airline surcharge, normally for insurance.       



There's a lot of them isn't there? However in the airlines defence, in 1990 I went round the world for the first time; UK India SE Asia Bali Australia New Zealand Fiji Hawaii LA New York UK. It cost £1100. The same route these days would be around £1700. A pack of Marlboro Lights in 1990 cost £1.50. Now over £7. Makes you realise what great value a RTW really is. We sell them by the way.


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