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The moment you book any RTW flight with you can take advantage of a specially designed system to look at your itinerary online - it's through our reservation system and it's called View Trip - and it's a very convenient way for you to check your RTW flight itinerary online. To see your RTW itinerary online just click here

Review: Is the Kindle any use for travellers?

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David Whitley, armed with his brand new toy, takes to the road to see whether the Kindle is any good for travellers

Kindle advantages

As I sat down on the bus, heading towards Old San Juan, I suddenly thought about the Rum Diary. Hunter S Thompson’s book – now made into a film starring Johnny Depp – is set in the Puerto Rican capital. It’d be great to read it whilst I’m on the island. A couple of minutes later, as the bus spluttered in the traffic, I was reading it.

Not enough numbers: The pitfall of solo travel

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David Whitley looks at the troubles faced actuall getting to do anything when you travel on your own

The first 40 minutes

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The majority of rip-offs perpetrated on backpackers occur within 40 minutes of arrival in a new country. Mark Eveleigh has been a victim of more than a few of them over the years and outlines 10 key guidelines to avoiding the pitfalls and pungi-traps of your next destination.

A cautionary tale of love on the road: what you need to know about travelling with your partner

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This is the story of two couples setting out on the road on a round the world trip. Both started their journey at roughly the same time, travelling through Asia, Australia, South America, before eventually meeting for the first time on their 10 week African safari tour from Cape Town to Nairobi.  It was uncanny. Both couples were the same age and had been together three and a half years; came from the same background, same jobs and were devoted to their relationships. At the end of the trip in Africa, one couple flew home engaged, the fairy tale ending to an incredible, once in a lifetime journey.