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The Do’s and Don’ts of Using a Mobile Phone in Australia

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Why wombats are Australia’s best animals

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David Whitley professes his undying love for the grumpy little pig-bear-tanks that seem to enchant most visitors at first site

A Taste of Australia: the Country’s Best Meat Pie?

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Driving up the Pacific Highway from Sydney to Byron Bay is like taking a snapshot of a country in transition. Back in the day, small towns and businesses were built to cater for the heavy traffic heading up and down the coast. Kilometre by kilometre these towns have dried up, now just little off-road ramps as the government has put in safer roads and built bypasses along he highway.

Top five Sydney secrets

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Former Sydney resident David Whitley shares his top five local secrets for those who want to go beyond the usual Bondi and Opera House trail

The greatest beach in the world?

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David Whitley heads north of Byron Bay to learn why Australians are so proud and protective of their beaches

In search of the sea dragons

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In Victoria’s Port Phillip Bay, David Whitley goes looking for some very weird fish

Sydney’s best rainy day options: What to do when it’s lashing it down

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Despite its Neighbours-enhanced reputation of people playing cricket in the street and constantly rustling up barbies, Australia isn’t continually swathed in sunshine and beautiful blue skies. Sydney, for example, gets quite a lot of rain (although it does tend to come at once rather than in the form of perpetual drizzle and grey skies). The problem with this is that most of Sydney’s celebrated highlights – harbour cruising, Bondi to Coogee walk, Botanic Gardens, sitting on the beach etc – are all wholesome outdoor pursuits. So what do you do in Sydney when it’s absolutely shafting it down? Well, here are a few suggestions...