North America

A Week in Hawaii

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Spending a week in the USA’s island state? You won’t be lost for things to do. Between the urban delights of the Pacific’s biggest city, Honolulu, and the natural attractions across the eight main islands, there’s plenty of material for a memorable trip. Here are some ideas.

Preserving the past, American style

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In Virginia, David Whitley visits Colonial Williamsburg expecting hokey awfulness, and is forced to eat his words

The boat people of Florida

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In the Florida Keys, David Whitley learns about the people willing to make a desperately risky voyage to escape Cuba

Yacht or not? Fort Lauderdale’s envy cruise

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In southern Florida, David Whitley cruises the waterways to discover just how much cash some people have to throw around

Ride ‘em cowboy – a night at the rodeo

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In red-blooded, red-voting and possibly redneck Utah, David Whitley learns that you have to start riding early